Condensation can seriously affect the value of your property and be a starting point for other types of structural damage. Contact us and we will visit your property and provide you with a detailed report with an action plan for any work needed.


Damp caused by condensation is often misdiagnosed as rising damp or penetrative damp and often work is carried out that is not necessary.

Damp conditions may be greatly increased at the foot of walls by condensation.

This occurs when moisture laden air cools to dew point and settles on cold surfaces.

These cold surfaces become compromised if the external insulation value of the wall is reduced by water penetration.

Also intermittent occupancy or heating provides the conditions for condensation on these cold damp surfaces.  It can be as simple as ventilation and moisture control in the correct areas of the property.

With a quick survey of the property we should be able to diagnose the underlying problem and act on it straight away

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